Nomination Day – Goroka

Today was the deadline for candidates to nominate for the imminent PNG national election.

The hills are alive with the sound of…. music? This is not from the “Sound of Music” but right outside on the streets of Goroka – it’s the last day of nominations for the upcoming election and candidates are out doing final last-minute nominations – which means a “show of force” with convoys of traditional-bilased singing-&-dancing supporters, banners, trucks festooned with posters, etc.

Even up here on the hill above Goroka town it’s pretty loud at present. Cheering breaks out every so often.

Groups leading candidates are heading into central Goroka from all compass directions – singing in the Highlands style “Woo-oh-oh-oh” sort of with lots of kundus [lizard-skin hand-drums] beating. Every so often the whole group shouts out something unintelligible in unison.

Actually one group was following a truck with a loudspeaker blaring out a reggae song – wonder if they are the Legalise Ganjah Party or something? That one went down the street right outside our office.

Can’t get back to the house at the moment – roads blocked in all directions. Crowds seem happy though – almost a festive mood. Heap of dogs have just set up a howling sound – joining with enthusiasm in it seems.

All happening here….  Hope people are just as happy when the results come out!

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